The FR-8 and FR-24 are 5MHz High Stability Frequency References. They provide 8 and 24 Output Ports respectively, and have an input port for an external reference.

These units can operate either stand-alone or synchronized to another Frequency Standard. The FR-8/ FR-24 contain backup batteries, making it ideal for platforms where power disruptions are common place - eg. Surface Vessels.

Key Features



High Stability

Low Frequency drift and over both the short and long term.

Low Phase Noise

Can be used as reference for high quality frequency synthesizers.

Auto Locking

The unit can Phase Lock to an External Reference by simply connecting the external source to the input port provided.

Large Number of Outputs

One unit can drive up to either 8 or 24 input devices.

Battery Backup

Frequency Stability is conserved even during prolonged, 10+ hours, power outages. So that when power is eventually regained, there is no time required for "warm-up" or "stabilization".


Australia - Dept. of Defence - Navy

Australia - Dept. of Defence - Army



FR-8 / FR-24 Specifications


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