The STR-1 is a Full Duplex UHF SATCOM Transceiver.

Modular in design, the STR-1 Consists of Up Convert, Down Converter, Frequency Reference, Power Amplifier and Power Supply "Slices". Housed in a 19" Sub-rack, it occupies 6RU (10.5") - with enough space reserved for fitting DAMA Modems such as the MD-1324 or MD-1333 within the Sub-Rack.

Key Features



Full Duplex

Only One Unit is required for DAMA Operation

Frequency Settling Time < 400uS

DAMA AC Operation Capable. Frequency Hoping Capable.

5 kHz Channel Spacing

Wider variety of frequency settings.

200W Output Power

More tolerant of combining/ feeder losses.

Low Synthesizer Phase Noise

Reduced BIT Error Rates, especially in High Data Rate Applications

High Frequency Stability

Improved RF Performance

< 25 Kg

System Weight Reductions

< 600W Consumption, Tx @ 200W

< 50W Consumption, Tx Idle

Reduced Power Requirements, Heat Generation, and Cooling Requirements.

Real Time Bite

Self-Diagnosis of Faults. Reduced maintainer training requirement.


Australia - Dept. of Defence - Navy

Australia - Dept. of Defence - Army



STR-1 Specifications


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